Welcome to Wine Fridgez

Wine Fridgez brings everything that a true wine connoisseur would need all to one place

If your simply looking for a wine fridge to keep your bottles cool or a nice rack to store them, you have found the perfect spot.

And to keep that wine fresh we have a wide variety of stoppers in many different styles from fun loving to a splash of class.

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Not Just Tasty, But Also Interesting

Ever wonder about the wine in your wine fridge? Wine comes in all different types of varieties. It taste great and is a great way to relax after a long day. Wine is also very interesting. Here are some interesting facts about wine.

  • The worlds oldest bottle on wine was dated way back in 325 A.D.
  • Wine has properties that are good for you. These can reduce the risk of some aliments such as heart disease, strokes, and Alzheimer disease.
  • In the world wine grapes are one of the top most planted crops.
  • Even though it has been thought that an aged wine tastes better, its not most wines taste better within in the first year that they are bottled.
  • There is only about 100 calories in a 5 oz glass of wine, which is less then beer. Also it is fat-free and cholesterol-free.
  • Most warm climates produce the darker shades of wine.
  • When red wines age they loose their color, and vise versa with white wines. When white wines age their color darkens.
  • The word for a wine chemist is Enologists. These people study and analyze different wines.

So not only does it taste good, but wine is very interesting. These are only a few of facts about wine. Now every time you get your favorite bottle of wine from your wine cooler you know a little more about it.

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Make an evening with friends a special occasion

Keeping your favorite bottles of wine chilled with a wine fridge is a perfect way to be ready for that special evening with your dinner guests.  To enjoy a fine Chardonnay, Blanc or Merlot to it’s fullest you will want to keep them at the correct temperature and humidity level.  A good wine fridge can help you do just that.

The units shown here at Wine Fridgez come with various storage abilities, lighting and quiet motor technology to make placing your wine cooler easy and in convenient locations for your access. Many you find have thermoelectric technology for minimal to vibration free operation.

Now you can relax knowing that your investment is well taken care of and you can get on to enjoying an evening with friends raising a toast to this special occasion.

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Picking the right wine rack can be so easy

Contemporary Designs

A wine rack is a great way to store your collection of your favorite wines, but also can make a pretty nice decoration too.

Space-Saving Convenience

Here at wine fridgez we have tons of styles and looks to choose from. Now you can have a miniature wines cellar at home.

Mounted or Free Standing

All of our models are sturdy and made from the finest materials. So browse though and fine the perfect wine rack for you.

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A Great Glass Can Make all The Differance

Taste The Difference

Having the right wine glass can significantly change the way you taste your wine. Why not not enjoy every drop the way its meant to be tasted.

All Shapes And Sizes

Here at wine fridgez we have a large array of glasses for every type of wine lover. Designed to bring out more flavor for even the most experienced palate.

Modern, Contemporary, Or Just Casual

So if you are looking for that special glass as a finishing touch to your elegant dinner party, or just a casual wine tasting. We have the right wine glass for you.

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Use a good aerator for maximum flavor

We all know that red wine must have a chance to breath for you to fully enjoy it’s delicious flavor so investing in a good Aerator is a must.

Many of the Aerators showcased here at Wine Fridgz are dishwasher safe while at the same time exhibiting elegant and classy clean lines.  You will find that many come with a no drip stand and even some are equipped with a machine washable travel pouch.

Make sure to get the most taste from your next bottle of wine by using one of the great choices of Aerators here at Wine Fridge.

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